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Ann Pavlick

Ann PavlickAs a survivor of an acquired brain injury, Ann Pavlick has first hand knowledge of the obstacles, the discrimination and the misunderstood aspects of brain injury. In Pavlicks' Passages, the unique poetic biography of Ann and her late husband Leon, the poem Ann Marie perhaps best describes the impact of her brain injury.

Pavlicks' Passages (Book Cover)


Her horrible past
Was so intrusive into all her dealings
Was so pervasive in all she did
That she carried the heavy weight of all that came before
That crushing heavy weight
That allowed few honest smiles
Few carefree steps
No lightheartedness
Just onerous, painful trudge –
And each day harder.

Red Pines on the Ridge (Book Cover)It is astonishing and a tribute to Ann's capabilities that she was able to collaborate with Leon to produce the 1st Edition of Red Pines on the Ridge AFTER her acquired brain injury. Her contribution? The delightful imagery to balance the science of Leon. Red Pines on the Ridge 2nd Edition was released Nov. 2011 to critical acclaim from the Canadian Book Review Annual and CM Canadian Review of Materials. In 2013, Brain Injury Canada, Ottawa, recognized Ann's efforts to advance the cause of acquired brain injury in Canada by awarding her the Merit Award - one of only 4 that year.

November 2018

The 5th and final book is available now as a FREE eBook.

Read the complete, detailed account of Ann’s gripping story, the tragic pains she suffered, the indomitable spirit and grace she displayed.

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