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These examples of manipulation, incompetence, discrimination and abuse of the brain injured are neither unusual nor rare. complaint # 768546 The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia and the Law Society of British Columbia

This case involves a Vancouver MVA with the passenger of one car, Ms. A.S., suffering serious injuries to jaw, neck, back and leg but more importantly, permanent brain injury. The driver of the other car involved accepted 100% responsibility. A lawsuit was launched against ICBC and the other driver for compensation. Four years later…

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This case begins with a lawsuit for alleged misrepresentation against a lady who, years earlier, suffered brain damage in an accident. The two lawyers hired to defend her, upon learning the particulars of the case and her disability, assured her a conviction was extremely unlikely. But at trial the defense lawyers proved themselves inept. They failed to present their client’s impairment to the Court and they failed to provide a guardian for her as is her right…

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The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia – victims with legitimate personal injury claims denied benefits –

Then, there is the case of the New Westminster man broadsided in a car he was a passenger in – resulting in severe head injuries (with the surgery scars to prove it). His lawyer persuades him to sign off his case against the Insurance Corporation on the understanding of a future “settlement”. But in the end, he got nothing for his injuries, rehabilitation and loss of livelihood. The lawyer was rewarded…

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