Case #3

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The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia – victims with legitimate personal injury claims denied benefits –

Then, there is the case of the New Westminster man broadsided in the car he was a passenger in – resulting in severe head injuries (with surgery scars to prove it).

His lawyer persuades him to sign off his case against the Insurance Corporation on the understanding of a future “settlement”. But in the end, he got nothing for his injuries, rehabilitation and loss of livelihood. The lawyer was rewarded by being selected to represent ICBC against future personal injury claims, with accompanying hefty fees. Not a bad outcome for the lawyer, not so good for the brain injury victim. (A similar scenario applies to a select group of medical specialists who examine accident victims and invariably find in favour of ICBC and receive 7 figure annual fees for their trouble).

Bottom line is – another victim of the Insurance Corporation’s promise…pay your premium and you will be covered in case of an accident. But just try and collect on your personal injury claim; unless you have a sharp lawyer, a sympathetic judge and years of patience. For the record, the person in this case now relies on social services and the food bank and speaks of suicide frequently. Not surprising, as he owned a profitable auto repair business prior to the accident.

Disgusted in beautiful BC!

P.S. And why does the government not control these scoundrels? Has ICBC become a sacred cash cow? Or is the government so overcome with busywork it fails to deal with the real problems? The Minister of Justice needs a wake-up call!

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