This website and ongoing maintenance are funded through the Leon E. Pavlick Brain Injury Memorial Fund by Author Ann Pavlick. The Vancity bank account has been closed as response levels from individuals and corporations and the pledged profits from Foxes On The Ridge and Aspens On The Ridge did not meet expectations.

Foxes on the Ridge (Book Cover)Foxes on the Ridge is a young reader story about a litter of fox pups beginning a new life cycle on a ridge in southeastern Manitoba. The tale is told in human terms by one of the pups and comes alive through the outstanding illustrations by Lissa Calvert.

Aspens on the Ridge (Book Cover)Aspens on the Ridge describes natural history of the North American plains and prairies from the ice age to the present. Intended for more advanced readers, the Aspens tell their tale, like humans, of "battles work and disappointments". (From Song of the Aspens.)

All titles (including Red Pines On The Ridge and Pavlicks' Passages) are available as eBooks for 99 cents through and Google Play.

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